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Audio Fidelity Hosts Disney's TRON OST Listening Party

Camarillo, CA - Audio Fidelity staff and label execs recently hosted a gathering of friends to preview the brilliant remastered recording of Disney's TRON motion picture soundtrack.  The soundtrack will be available from Audio Fidelity at the end of July. The event took place at Cohearent Audio, the Los Angeles studio where engineer Kevin Gray remastered the record.  The event was hosted by Marshall Blonstein, the president of Audio Fidelity. The guests included Michael Fremer of who, at the time, served as the film's original soundtrack supervisor.

L to R: Marshall Blonstein, Michael Fremer, Kevin Gray

The 1982 film score was composed, performed and produced by the pioneer electronic musician Wendy Carlos. The release will be packaged in a distinctive gatefold jacket and contain two 180g translucent blue vinyl records as well as colorful photos from the popular cult film along with generous and informative liner notes written by Ms. Carlos and additional jottings by Mr. Fremer.

Disney's video game crossover movie TRON was a notable landmark in the synthesis of electronic and traditional orchestral music. Wendy Carlos created a brilliant orchestral recording with symphonic backgrounds by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the UCLA Chorus which was later enhanced and upgraded with an electronic score. The result is an impressive soundscape that successfully and seamlessly fuses organic and electronic music.

The multi-Grammy award winning Wendy Carlos best-known for her popular “Switched on Bach,” series of albums also composed and performed on the soundtracks of two Stanley Kubrick cinema masterpieces, “A Clockwork Orange” and “The Shining.”

The TRON soundtrack has two additional tracks ("Only Solutions” and the rock guitar-driven instrumental, "1990's Theme") provided by Journey, one of America's best selling and most beloved bands.

Gatefold package includes colorful photos and extensive liner notes!

1-Creation Of TRON
2-Only Solutions - Journey
3-We've Got Company
5-Ring Game And Escape
6-Water, Music, And Tronaction

1-TRON Scherzo
2-Miracle and Magician
3-Magic Landings
4-Theme From TRON
5-1990's Theme - Journey
6-Love Theme

1-Tower Music - Let Us Pray
2-The Light Sailer
3-Sea Of Simulation

1-A New TRON And The MCP
3-Ending Titles

Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio

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Music Legends Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty Announce Formation of New Music Ensemble - The Anderson Ponty Band!

Los Angeles, CA - Music legends Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty announce the formation of a new ensemble - The Anderson Ponty Band! YES's original singer/songwriter for 35 years, Jon Anderson has had a successful solo career, which includes working with such notable music artists as Vangelis, Kitaro, and Milton Nascimento. International jazz superstar Jean-Luc Ponty is a pioneer and undisputed master of violin in the arena of jazz and rock. He is widely regarded as an innovator who has applied his unique visionary spin that has expanded the vocabulary of modern music. Together these two music icons form a musical synergy that is unparalleled!

“A breakthrough feeling came as I sang with Jean-Luc's music, to be in a band again is very exciting on many levels, we will play and sing our way around the world and have fun, for music is pleasure, music is all that is, music is God” - Jon Anderson

The Anderson Ponty Band also includes Jamie Dunlap on guitars - well known as a film and television composer, most notably 'South Park'; Wally Minko on keyboards - virtuoso player and composer who has performed and recorded with many worldwide stars including Pink, Toni Braxton, Jean-Luc Ponty, Tom Jones and Barry Manilow; Baron Browne on bass who has played with Steve Smith, Billy Cobham and Jean-Luc Ponty; and Rayford Griffin on drums and percussion, who has played with Stanley Clarke Band, George Duke, Jean-Luc Ponty and Michael Jackson. The band will visit the music created by Jon Anderson and Jean-Luc Ponty over the years with new arrangements, virtuosic performances and new energy, while creating new compositions as well.

The Anderson Ponty Band have been writing and arranging old favorites during the past three months. They will be in residence for three weeks in September at Wheeler Opera House in Aspen, Colorado rehearsing, recording and playing a public performance on Saturday September 20th. An album will be finished in Los Angeles and is scheduled for release in early 2015. Also, a videography documenting the making of the album will be released as well as videos and performances. A world tour beginning in March 2015 is in the planning stages.

The Anderson Ponty Band announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign today July 25th beginning at 2PM Eastern. The campaign will encourage fans and friends to become a stakeholder in the project. Numerous tiers of donations will be rewarded by album downloads, premium CD/DVD packages, VIP ticket access, merchandising, special one of a kind collectibles, special meet and greets with the band and much more.

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Jon Anderson official website:
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Threshold Premiere Watchtower On The Moon

Art Rock Review: The Gabriel Construct-Interior City

Release Date: September 2013
Label:  Indie

As I have often commented upon previously, being a reviewer has allowed me to come into contact with artists that I may otherwise have overlooked. One such artist is The Gabriel Construct and the debut release, Interior City. The Gabriel Construct is the name given to the solo project of Gabriel Lucas Riccio, who hails from Salisbury Maryland. Newly graduated in music in 2011, this multi-instrumentalist has released what is best described as a “dark and atmospheric” album, which Gabriel has said is a “concept concerned with overcoming the mental programming which holds each of us back.”  This is a very powerful statement indeed, and the question that this reviewer will attempt to answer is, whether this release is indeed achieving these goals.

The musicians involved in The Gabriel Construct are Gabriel Lucas Riccio (vocals, keyboards, programming, rain stick and wood block), Thomas Murphy (bass), Davis Stivelman (electric and acoustic guitars), Travis Orbin (drums, additional screams), Sophia Uddin (violin), Soren Larson (saxophone) and Garrett Davis (additional laughs). The listing of band members for additional screams and additional laughs is certainly intriguing.

Interior City is a 10 track album with a running time of around 72 minutes. The shortest track on Interior City is track 5, “Retreat Underground” at 2:38 minutes and “Languishing in Lower Chakras,” the penultimate, and longest track, runs on for just over 11 minutes (11:09).

The opening track to Interior City, “Arrival In A Distant Land” (6:51) opens with a sound which seems familiar but, in effect, turns out to be the “strings” inside the piano being strummed, before there appears an audible bass sound and then some of the higher registers. Certainly, the start creates an interesting aural soundscape, but seemingly without any direction until a vocal appears around the 3:15 minute point. An almost spoken style of vocal carries the track along until a gentle piano motif appears briefly before the voice returns with increasing venom, which moved the track very close to discordant, with the repeated statement “I can’t get out.” Just as quickly as it built up, the track drops back into simple piano but retains that air of discordancy. As a constant advocate of the importance of opening tracks to the way a listener “hears” the rest of the album, the best description of “Arrival in a Distant Land” is uncomfortable, moving the listener out of their comfort zone. Such a feeling may, or may not, be a good thing within the context of the concept being laid out, moving on through the album will tell.

“Ranting Prophet” (4:50) has Gabriel’s voice appearing in a gentle piano based introduction, but within 50 seconds has rocketed into a full blooded band sound which seems designed to continue the feeling of unease generated by the opening track. The almost manic tone the voice reaches and the similar sounding violin which cuts across the track add to this feeling. To add to this reviewer’s feeling of discomfort, there is a little burst of the metronomic drumming that prevails in a large number of progressive metal outings. The feeling of bleakness within the concept is certainly to the fore on the two opening tracks. 

The shortest track, “Retreat Underground” (2:38), hits the ground running, with a mass of drums, piano and bass played at speeds thus far not achieved, together with harmonized multi-layered vocals (although sometimes a solo voice is heard), which is very impressive and segues into “Subway Dwellers” (5:32) which tones the speed back a little bit whilst maintaining the vocal style. At times the music and the vocals seem to be “slugging it out” to see who comes out ahead and this tends to distract from the initial appeal of the track.

“Languishing in Lower Chakras” (11:09), the longest track on Interior City is certainly sparse in its introduction, with some piano flitting in and out before a plethora of random sounds filters into the proceedings, including various voices, humming and clapping. This is certainly an atmospheric piece with the sounds slowly building and the piano continuing to underpin what is going on. The sound changes around the 7 minute point to a more energetic humming which supersedes the other sounds. The gentle undulations of the various sounds continue and the fadeout of the track sees a repeated “Get me out of here.” This track is an interesting soundscape making the track almost like an oasis of calm within a desert of discordancy.

At the outset, I described Interior City as dark and atmospheric, and I would still use those terms but can add some more details to the description. Gabriel Lucas Riccio is without doubt an amazing musician in that this album is a showcase for some amazing music, but I did find that while many albums produce a balance between the light and dark scenarios within the music, Gabriel shows an either/or approach. The music is either light, and tends towards the softer, piano based, single voiced sections, or it is dark, and becomes heavier, faster with multi tracked voices, “speed metal double bass drums” and quickly enters the world of the discordant. There is no graduation from one extreme to the other; the change is immediate, almost like flicking a switch.

Interior City I found a difficult, and at times, uncomfortable listen, but persevered in the hope of understanding what it was all about. In effect, it reminded me of my son, many years ago, listening to a particular track (Aumgn) from the Tago Mago album by the German band, Can. He commented that he disliked the particular track intensely, but when I suggested he just switch it off, he said that he couldn’t, because although it made him feel uncomfortable, he felt he had to keep listening.

Give Interior City a good few listens and make up your own mind about the album, but I feel that it is an album that I will be unlikely to revisit.

PRMT Rating: 3/5 Stars

Key Tracks:  Retreat Underground, Subway Dwellers, Languishing in Lower Chakras

Arrival In A Distant Land
Ranting Prophet
Fear Of Humanity
My Alien Father
Retreat Underground
Subway Dwellers
Defense Highway
Inner Sanctum
Languishing in Lower Chakras
Curing Somatization

Jim “The Ancient One” Lawson-Sr. Reviewer Prog Rock Music Talk

July 25, 2014

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Guitar Hero Tommy Bolin's First Band Zephyr To See 1969 Debut Album Reissued On Both CD & Vinyl

Los Angeles, CA - Tommy Bolin fans, you are in for a treat! The 1969 recorded debut of the guitar great performing with his first major act, Zephyr, the blues and jazz influenced rock and roll steamroller fronted by powerhouse female vocalist, Candy Givens, will be reissued courtesy of Purple Pyramid Records starting August 5. With newly remixed and remastered audio created under the supervision of founding member David Givens, this gem of an album has truly been restored to the band’s original vision. As Givens says, “For the first time you can hear what we heard before everything went wrong. I’m happy with the results!”

Happier still will be Bolin fans everywhere as a treasure trove of unreleased live material and studio improvisations were also uncovered in the process of remixing the album. These include performances of the band at small clubs in their home state of Colorado as well as Reed’s Ranch where the band opened for The Grateful Dead. In addition, the studio rehearsals showcase Bolin’s adventurous playing on two free form jams as he lays down blistering solos and eerie atmospheres courtesy of his Echoplex effect.

A limited edition 2,000 unit pressing of the reissue in a 3CD deluxe box set was released in May and has already been sold out, but a single disc version is set to arrive August 5 and a special 180 gram colored vinyl pressing will follow later this year.

Get a glimpse into the early salad days of this inimitable virtuoso whose rise to fame occurred nearly as fast as his untimely exit. His music lives on!

1. Sail On
2. Sun’s A Risin’
3. Raindrops
4. Boom-Ba-Boom
5. Somebody Listen
6. Cross The River
7. St. James Infirmary
8. Huna Buna
9. Hard Chargin’ Woman

10. Guitar Solo / Cross The River (Reed’s Ranch, Colorado Springs, CO - July 3, 1969)
11. Jam (San Bernardino, CA 1971)
12. Uptown (To Harlem) [Boulder, CO 1971]
13. Sail On (Tulagi’s - Boulder, CO June 19, 1973)

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