February 3, 2016

GONG Legend Daevid Allen's Final Album “Daevid Allen Weird Quartet - ELEVENSES” To Be Released February 12, 2016

The Final Recordings from Gong & Soft Machine Co-Founder Daevid Allen!

Los Angeles - Purple Pyramid Records will be releasing on February 12, 2016 the final album from legendary Daevid Allen, one of the most innovative music artists to emerge from this planet! Daevid Allen Weird Quartet is a recording project bringing together Daevid Allen, founder of The Soft Machine and Gong, with Don Falcone of Spirits Burning, Michael Clare of Daevid Allen's University of Errors, and drummers Trey Sabatelli (The Tubes) and Paul Sears (The Muffins). “ELEVENSES” is the second album by this band, following 2005's “DJDDAY”, which was released under the band name “Weird Biscuit Teatime.” Daevid Allen Weird Quartet “ELEVENSES” is the last band album that Daevid worked on before his death, in March of 2015.

Christopher David Allen (13 January 1938 – 13 March 2015), better known as Daevid Allen, sometimes credited as Divided Alien, was an Australian and had a brilliant career as a poet, musician, artist, and one-time cab driver that spanned over fifty years. Daevid was constantly pushing boundaries and was always the center of activity. He continually inspired those around him to be creative and to achieve their best.

The Daily Telegraph said, “Allen revelled in being the court jester of hippie rock and never lost his enthusiasm for the transcendent power of the psychedelic experience. He once remarked, 'Psychedelia for me is a code for that profound spiritual experience where there is a direct link to the gods.' That he never attained the riches and fame of many of his contemporaries did not concern him.”

Daevid Allen Weird Quartet “ELEVENSES” album is a mixture of styles of music found throughout his career, plus a few surprises: a blues song in 7/4, a catchy Irish-tinged folk song, ambient and explosive instrumentals, a post-punk rave-up with Daevid's final message on a record.

Track List:
1. TransloopThisMessage
2. Imagicknation
3.The Latest Curfew Craze
4. Kick That Habit Man
5. Secretary Of Lore
6. Alchemy
7. The Cold Stuffings Of November
8. Grasshopping
9. God's New Deal
10. Dim Sum In Alphabetical Order
11. Killer Honey
12. Under The YumYum Tree Cafe
13. Banana Construction

Available on both CD and vinyl February 12, 2016!

Buy the CD: http://flyt.it/DaevidAllenWeirdQuartetCD
Buy the Vinyl: http://flyt.it/DaevidAllenWeirdQuartetLP
Buy the digital: http://flyt.it/DaevidAllenWeirdQuartetdig

Daevid Allen Weird Quartet Facebook page:

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Progressive Rock Review: Anathema-A Sort Of Homecoming

Release Date: 30th October 2015
Label: KScope
Website: www.anathema.ws

Anathema were formed back in 1990 in Liverpool (the home of the Beatles) and have released 11 studio albums starting with Serenades in 1993 and so far ending with Distant Satellites in 2014. They have also issued 2 live albums, the second of which is reviewed here. This release, A Sort Of Homecoming, was recorded live at the end of a short acoustic tour in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 7th March 2015. The band comprised Vincent Cavanagh (vocals, guitar, vocoder), Danny Cavanagh (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Jamie Cavanagh (bass), John Douglas (drums, keyboards) and Lee Douglas (vocals) with a couple of guests contributing to some sections of the concert, David Wesling (cello) and Anna Phoebe (violin). As well as being released as a double CD, the concert is also available as a DVD, Blu-ray and a triple vinyl album.

The CD contains 2 discs with a total of 15 tracks, 8 on disc 1 and 7 on disc 2. The package has a total playing time of around 102 minutes with disc 1 being the shorter of the two discs by around 2 minutes, disc 1 having a running time of 50:13 minutes and disc 2 clocking in at 52:07 minutes. The band take the songs from 6 of their albums with the emphasis on the newest 2 releases, Distant Satellites (5 tracks, 2014), Weather Systems (4, 2012), We’re Here Because We’re Here (2, 2010), A Natural Disaster (2, 2003), A Fine Day To Exit (1, 2001) and Alternative 4 (1, 1998).
The opening track on A Sort of Homecoming is “The Lost Song Part 2” (6:39) from Distant Satellites and, as this was an acoustic tour, accompanying the vocals of Lee and Vincent, is a simple acoustic guitar (played by Danny Kavanagh?). This is then followed by “Untouchable Part 1” (6:29) and “Untouchable Part 2” (6:25) both from the Weather Systems album. The treatment of these songs is very sparse in comparison to the studio versions and the beautiful vocals make the trio of tracks very powerful. All in all, this is a very good start to the proceedings, and that view is backed up by the sound of the appreciative audience.

For the last 3 tracks on the first disc, John Douglas, David Wesling and Anna Phoebe join proceedings and “Anathema” (7:32) and “Ariel” (6:08) tend to mirror their studio versions on Distant Satellites more closely before the vocals are taken by Danny Cavanagh for the final song on disc 1, “Electricity” (4:31) from A Natural Disaster.

The opening track on disc 2, “Temporary Peace” (5:15), continues the beautiful serenity that has been prevalent across the first 8 tracks. Stunning vocals from Vincent, with strings, delicate percussion and acoustic guitar, all combine to form an excellent start to the second disc.  A couple of tracks later, on the title track from Distant Satellites, the band is joined by some audience participation. The whole feeling of this concert is that of a band that is truly content with their lot and is happy to show how they have evolved from their beginnings a couple of decades ago.

Older numbers bring the concert to a close with “A Natural Disaster” (8:45), the title track from 2003, and “Fragile Dreams” (7:32) from the 1998 album, Alternative 4.  “A Natural Disaster” is one of the first songs that Lee Douglas guested on back in 2003, as at the time, she was not “officially” in the band, and this version still highlights her powerful, emotive voice. The finale to the evening, “Fragile Dreams” is a superb closing choice with the two voices complementing each other and as the electric guitar runs follow the voices the crowd start to realize the end is close and the ovation starts.

This was perhaps an ambitious project to tour on, and by that I mean, the acoustic set-up. This release, A Sort Of Homecoming, is likely to have already been purchased by fans of the band and they will not have been disappointed in any way. It is possibly not the best entry point for people “trying out” Anathema for the first time as it is slightly different from the studio albums. I thoroughly enjoyed this album but the one glitch on waxing totally lyrical on the album, is that I felt a slight tinge of sameness. Individually the tracks are excellent, but I felt that a double CD just stretched it a little too far. It may sound a bit harsh, but I feel that there is a really excellent single live album hiding in this double album release.

Parting words, as usual, are that this is a very personal opinion and I will always suggest that people have a listen to any of my reviewed albums, as they may well feel very differently towards the music.

4/5 Stars

Key Tracks: The Lost Song Part 2, Distant Satellites, Fragile Dreams


Disc 1

The Lost Song Part 2
Untouchable Part 1
Untouchable Part 2
Thin Air
Dreaming Light

Disc 2

Temporary Peace
The Beginning and The end
Distant Satellites
Take Shelter
Internal Landscapes
A Natural Disaster
Fragile Dreams

Jim “The Ancient One” Lawson-Sr. Reviewer Prog Rock Music Talk
February 3, 2016
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February 2, 2016

Former Trans-Siberian Orchestra / Mickey Hart Vocalist Tim Hockenberry to Release Self-titled Debut Album of Original Music March 4th 2016

San Francisco, CA - Tim Hockenberry is a versatile multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter whose voice is reminiscent of Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, and Tom Waits. He is releasing Tim Hockenberry, his self-titled debut album of all original music, worldwide on March 4th, 2016. He is also a gifted interpreter of well-known cover songs, and you only need to hear a few bars of Hockenberry singing I Left My Heart In San Francisco to understand that this is an artist who has a refreshingly authentic approach to great songs.

Tim gained international fame when he performed and made it to the semi-finals (last singer standing) on America’s Got Talent in 2012, where he was a favorite of judge Howard Stern. Stern declared Tim’s semi-final performance of John Lennon’s Imagine, with Tim on the piano accompanied by a cellist, “the most moving we’ve had from a singer in a long time.” The sparse arrangement won Stern over, who gave him a standing ovation and said the singer deserves “a place in the finals.” Sharon Osbourne described his performance as “very true” and “refreshing,” adding, “I thoroughly enjoyed it.” Howie Mandel said he could listen to Tim Hockenberry sing “all night long.”

Tim Hockenberry is best known for his engaging and intimate cover versions of a variety of well known hits, and for some 20 years he’s made his living singing them in concert halls, living rooms, private events, and clubs. It never really mattered what Tim sang; he was beloved by his fans. He hadn't performed his own songs much, except for once-in-awhile occurrences. But that all changed when he met up with vocalist and producer, Natasha Miller.

In 2014 Tim didn’t have a manager, so he and Natasha entered into a formal agreement and began a complete reshaping of his musical direction—moving from covers to more of Tim’s own compositions. “I had heard a couple of Tim’s originals and thought they were ‘hit’ material,” says Natasha. “I asked him if he had more. Not only did he have more, they poured out of him, almost on demand.” Tim began writing more new songs, and they went back and looked at others he’d already done but put aside. With a couple more written by his sons, there were enough for a full-length recording.

The first track, “Me and You,” was written by Tim with his 19-year-old son Maxx on Christmas Day in 2012. “If the Sky Was to Fall” was written with his youngest son Jack, who was 17 at the time. Meanwhile, about the same time Tim and Natasha began working together, she enlisted her brother Justin Miller to play with Tim in his live band and help shape a new and different sound for his shows. That was the turning point—it was Justin himself who did the production, arrangements and played most of the instruments on the entire project... “We all got excited and motivated and started on what would become a year-long project,” says Natasha. “It’s been so much fun!”

Tim’s songs became Justin’s canvas for painting nuances–sounds both bold and subtle that spoke to the personality and content of each song itself. Stories Tim was telling through his songs became more vivid and alive in Justin’s interpretation and imagination. The common threads throughout are Tim’s vocals and writing. Each song charts its own unique journey from the first moment to the end. From pizzicato violin, yodeling, and the klezmer-sounds of the accordion to the speech-like tones of the Hammond B3 and the Deep-South wailing of the slide guitar—the songs travel through many layers of what is categorized these days as Americana. Mostly acoustic, always authentic.

Born on June 13, 1962 in upstate New York, Tim’s family moved a few times during his childhood. He graduated in 1980 from Owatonna High School in rural Minnesota in a small town south of Minneapolis. Tim's musical odyssey began when he sang in the choir, and then taught himself to play the piano while fervently playing the trombone as well. He eventually moved to Northern California and he has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry ever since, having become known for his covers of Sitting on the Dock of The Bay or Christmas by the Bay. Tim Hockenberry splits his time between Charleston, South Carolina and San Francisco, California, where he has become a beloved part of the Bay Area’s rich arts culture.

Over the past few years Tim Hockenberry has shared the stage with many legendary performers including Bonnie Raitt, Steve Miller, and Robert Cray, to name a few. Tim has established himself as a very compelling and important artist in the Bay Area music scene. In addition to touring with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and with Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, Tim has performed at high-profile venues all over northern California, including The Fillmore, Great American Music Hall, Bimbo's 365 Club, The Napa Valley Opera House, The Luther Burbank Center for the Performing Arts, Feinstein's at the Hotel Nikko, and 142 Throckmorton Theater. He has also headlined at a multitude of festivals including the Robert Mondavi Summer Concert Series, the Clearwater Jazz Festival, and the Mill Valley Arts Festival.

For More Information and Tour Dates please visit Tim’s website: www.timhockenberry.com

Press Inquiries & Interview Requests please contact Billy James/Glass Onyon PR: glassonyonpr@gmail.com or 828-350-8158

For Bookings and Management please contact Natasha Miller/Entire Productions: natasha@entireproductions.com or 415-291-9191 x701

Rick Wakeman Releases Piano Version of Life on Mars in Aid of Macmillan

“It was obvious from the listeners’ response to Rick playing ‘Life On Mars’ on Radio 2 Drivetime last Monday, that they wanted to own a copy of this beautiful piece of music, as well as make a contribution. With Rick releasing this new recording it’s a perfect way to do that.” 
- BBC Radio 2 presenter, Simon Mayo:

London, UK - Following the overwhelming response to Rick Wakeman’s piano tribute to David Bowie, Rick has recorded new piano versions of both Life on Mars and Space Oddity with royalties going to Macmillan Cancer Support. The tracks are now available from Amazon, as well as iTunes and Tesco.

Rick, a close friend who worked with Bowie, was the pianist on the original 1971 release of Life On Mars and appeared on BBC Radio 2 last Monday (11th January) on the day of Bowie’s death, to play his own tribute to the star. The video of his emotional performance has since been viewed over 2 million times on the BBC Radio 2 website and after receiving thousands of requests from fans, Rick headed back into the studio to re-record the tracks which include Life on Mars, Space Oddity and Always Together.

Rick said: "I feel extremely fortunate to be able to release my piano version of David Bowie’s Life On Mars and Space Oddity, both of which I performed on the original releases. I think it’s very apt for the proceeds to go to Macmillan, a charity that is so crucial to so many people. I witnessed this first hand when I lost my mother to cancer and the work they do comes from the heart and is truly priceless.

“Whilst some amazing advances in medicine mean that some form of cancers have a very high survival rate and indeed prolonged life in others, with all cancers it is a very tough time for both the patient and their loved ones. Hopefully the songs will not only be a fitting tribute to David, but will also raise some money to help Macmillan with the wonderful work they do, ensuring no-one faces cancer alone.”

Jane Maher, Chief Medical Officer at Macmillan Cancer Support, says: “We were so very sad to hear the news about David Bowie and our thoughts are with his family and friends. Sadly the number of people with cancer in the UK is growing rapidly and half of us will face a cancer diagnosis at some point in our lives, so it has never been more important that everyone gets the emotional, practical, physical and financial support they need. We want people to feel comfortable talking openly about what they’re going through with friends, family and experts or - through our online community – other people whose lives have been affected by cancer.

“We know that music is something that not only brings people together, but also helps them through difficult times and so we are deeply grateful that Rick has decided to donate the proceeds from these tracks to Macmillan. The money raised will help us to continue to offer a range of support for anyone affected by cancer.”

For more information or support please visit macmillan.org.uk

To purchase:
Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/LIFE-MARS-Rick-Wakeman/dp/B01ATOATG6/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1453455316&sr=8-7&keywords=rick+wakeman
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/life-on-mars-single/id1077404186
Tesco: http://www.tesco.com/direct/rick-wakeman-life-on-mars-macmillan-cancer-support-cd/573-5206.prd?skuId=573-5206&pageLevel=sku

Notes to Editors:
About Macmillan Cancer Support
When you have cancer, you don’t just worry about what will happen to your body, you worry about what will happen to your life. Whether it’s concerns about who you can talk to, planning for the extra costs or what to do about work, at Macmillan we understand how a cancer diagnosis can take over everything.

That’s why we’re here. We provide support that helps people take back control of their lives. But right now, we can’t reach everyone who needs us. We need your help to make sure that people affected by cancer get the support they need to face the toughest fight of their life. No one should face cancer alone, and with your support no one will.

To get involved, call 0300 1000 200 today. And please remember, we’re here for you too. If you’d like support, information or just to chat, call us free on 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am–8pm) or visit macmillan.org.uk

Rick Wakeman press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA), glassonyonpr@gmail.com

January 26, 2016

Symphonic Rock Icons Renaissance To Tour The US & UK In Support of New DVD Release “Live at The Union Chapel”

Symphonic rock icons Renaissance featuring legendary singer Annie Haslam will be performing in the US & UK in support of their new DVD release “Live at The Union Chapel”! Filmed at The Union Chapel in London UK on April 16, 2015 by Paul Green Productions, with lighting by Russell 'Tigger' Matthews, the DVD features Renaissance performing such favorite classics as “Carpet of the Sun”, “Ocean Gypsy”, “Mother Russia”, “Ashes are Burning” and newer pieces “Symphony of Light” and “Grandine il Vento” to an ecstatic audience! The DVD is NTSC all-region, with LPCM stereo and Dolby Digital surround audio tracks. A Blu-Ray version is planned in 2016.

Watch the trailer: 

Renaissance Winter 2016 US & UK Tour Dates:

Feb 12 - The Birchmere - Alexandria, VA - tickets
Feb 13 - Keswick Theatre - Glenside, PA - tickets
Feb 19 - The Newton Theatre - Newton, NJ - tickets
Feb 26 -  Renaissance on the Moody Blues Cruise - Miami, FL - tickets

UK - (dates April 17 through 26 with Curved Air)
April 14 - Trading Boundaries - Fletching
April 15 - Trading Boundaries - Fletching
April 17 - Opera House - Buxton
April 18 - The Stables - Milton Keynes
April 19 - Robin 2 - Wolverhampton
April 20 - Academy - Newcastle
April 21 - ABC - Glasgow
April 24 - Academy - Bournemouth
April 26 - Shepherds Bush Empire - London

Renaissance is a band with a rich history unique unto themselves as progressive rock pioneers who rose from the ashes of the seminal UK rock band, The Yardbirds. Acclaimed for their unique blending of progressive rock with classical and symphonic influences, the band's career has spanned forty plus years spearheaded by the 5 octave voice of Annie Haslam and the masterful songwriting skills of Michael Dunford. They are widely considered to be the band that most successfully and routinely utilized the sound of a full orchestra in their recordings.

In the early years Renaissance toured Europe extensively. It wasn't long before influential progressive rock stations in the US, such as WNEW (NYC), WMMR (Philadelphia) and WHFS (Washington) were turning on America to Renaissance. Before too long the band started thrilling concertgoers on the world's most distinguished stages, from Carnegie Hall in NYC with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, to the Royal Albert Hall in London with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Chorale Society. In 1978 they had a top ten hit in the UK with 'Northern Lights', which has become a classic radio favorite, still demanding regular airplay to this day.

The band eventually disbanded in the late 1980's at which time Annie Haslam launched a solo career. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original founding of Renaissance, Michael and Annie in 2009 decided to form a new touring band. More recently they have toured the UK, Belgium, Holland, Israel, Portugal, North America, Canada, Japan and South Korea and produced their first album in 13 years entitled “Symphony of Light”. The album is a testament to the unforgettable melodies that Michael Dunford infused into his work, Michael died prematurely in 2012.

Renaissance toured Europe in April 2015, the first in over 35 years! The tour was very successful and the fans loved every minute!

The current personnel of Renaissance include: Annie Haslam lead vocals, Rave Tesar keyboards, Tom Brislin keyboards, Mark Lambert acoustic guitars, Leo Traversa bass guitar, and Frank Pagano drums.

Watch Renaissance's new video for Cry to the World: 

To purchase Renaissance “Live at The Union Chapel” DVD: http://renaissancetouring.com/store ;
The DVD will also be sold through Amazon. A signed copy by Annie Haslam will be available through Renaissance online store.
The Audio version of Renaissance “Live at The Union Chapel” will be available at Renaissance online store, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Rdio, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music, Microsoft Groove, and MediaNet

For more information:

Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA), glassonyonpr@gmail.com