January 28, 2010


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – 26 January 2010 – A musical vision literally thirty years in the making, Supernal Endgame is comprised of three musicians - multi-instrumentalist John Eargle, guitarist "Adventure Dan" Pomeroy, and Rob Price, drummer and lead vocalist for the band.
With a little help from many musical friends - some old, some new (including bassist Randy George and, on one track, the amazing Roine Stolt) - these tireless troubadours bring Eargle's musings and melodies to life on their first official release, "Touch the Sky, Vol. I."
TtS 1.0 is a work that's steeped in the legacy of classic progressive rock, but that possesses in equal part a passion for melody and wonder, even in the face of life's unpredictability.  Cohorts and collaborators for many years, Eargle and Price have in recent years been joined by Pomeroy. Bringing together an eclectic mix of musical influences, the Endgamers set out to bring the faith of their hearts into a long-beloved musical context: melodic symphonic prog!
The band had this to say: "Supernal Endgame is proud to announce that we have joined the Progrock Records family. It is our desire to make our music available to lovers of progressive music worldwide and Progrock has become recognized as the best vehicle to make that happen. It's also a pleasure to be working with a company who not only cares about the artists involved, but is a fan of the genre and works to see the music thrive and its artists succeed."
“So I get this email ‘hey, I think we have similar tastes, you should check out my band’, so I do, and dang if John wasn’t right, I just love a good hook and a good melody and Supernal Endgame has it in droves, I was really excited to get these guys on the label.” said Shawn Gordon, President of ProgRock Records.
”Touch The Sky” is the new worldwide ProgRock Records release from Supernal Endgame and  can be found at http://www.progrockrecords.com/artists/view.php?id=132. The album will be released mid February 2010 and available in stores on March 30, 2010 but is available for immediate pre-sale at a $2 discount.

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