September 29, 2010

James LaBrie - Free Music Now Available >From Dream Theater’s JAMES LABRIE’s New Solo Album; Get \"Mislead" From Static Impulse (September 27th Release) Now!

Dream Theater’s JAMES LABRIE is easily one of the defining, elite and naturally talented vocalists the world has to offer and he further challenges himself with an aggressive and dynamic new solo effort. Go to to get a FREE MP3 of the song \"Mislead\" from JAMES LABRIE’s new album, Static Impulse. All you have to do is spread the word via Facebook or Twitter and the song is yours! The album comes out on September 24th in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, on September 27th in the UK/EU and September 28th in North America.

LABRIE states: “ The track ‘Mislead’ was a sleeping giant for Matt Guillory (keyboards) and I. Most of the parts came quickly, but seemed to be missing the key elements or ingredients that would keep you in its grip the entire ride. We kept playing with the interaction of the instruments and vocal melodies. Matt kept working his magic with the interplay of the keys, bass, guitar and drums. It wasn\'t until I was almost ready to lay my vocals that Matt and I felt it had all that it needed, but we wouldn\'t see the proof in the pudding until after both mine and Peter\'s vocals were laid.

“ Peter\'s vocals were done before mine which enabled me to feed off his energy and really nail the attitude and personality needed for this song. What began as one of the maybe, maybe not tunes for this disc. It ultimately ended up being one of our favorites. The lyrics I wrote deal with the ever present corruption and oppression in far too many governments. I know lighten up right, I\'m light; it\'s them who need to chill out. Enjoy.”

Guillory further comments: “ In the writing process, ‘Mislead’ ended up being more of a challenge than the other songs. It\'s got all the right ingredients though; dense syncopated riffing, atmospheric keyboards, melodic hooks, and over-the-top vocals. In the end, we\'re really pleased with the way it turned out. I absolutely love the contrast between James\' crystal-clear lead vocal delivery and Peter\'s melo-death screams.\"

The much anticipated new full-length offering, Static Impulse, also marks LABRIE’s first solo effort in over five years and is sure to please his legion of diehard fans, as well as win over many new devotees in the process. Static Impulse also features the immensely talented longtime songwriting partner and keyboardist Matt Guillory. Another notable performance is Peter Wildoer from metal titans DARKANE on drums and screaming vocals. The group is rounded out by Marco Sfogli on guitars and Ray Riendeau on bass. Static Impulse was mixed and mastered by the renowned Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia).

JAMES LABRIE “Static Impulse”
(CD, InsideOut Music | EMI)
Release G/A/S: September 24th, 2010
Release Date Europe: September 27th, 2010
Release Date North America: September 28th 2010

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