January 22, 2011

Prog Download of The Week 01/22/10-Starring - Live at WFMU with Marty McSorley, Jan. 18 2011

Founded in 2008 by Pterodactyl drummer Matt Marlin and Skeleton$ keyboardist Mike Gallope, STARRING revisits the terrain of progressive rock by distilling it to its essence. Starring plays “prog rock” because they are in love with a sense of unscripted fun, looking to spit beer, exhilarate and electrify rather than be like "dude, check my chops.". Starring combines the forces of farfisa, viola, guitar and bass to sculpt driving, heavy, high-speed sound guns aimed at stealth bomber choruses. Beneath it all, Matt Marlin’s notoriously frenzied drumming, which is as furious here as on any Pterodactyl record, propels this distortion-addicted quintet from one transfixing riff to the next.

Info and download provided by the Free Music Archive

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