March 6, 2011

03/06/11-Prog Download of The Week: Rushus

The man who stands behind Moscow-based instrumental bands THE RE-STONED and RUSHUS is a composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Ilya Lipkin whose interests, talents, experiences and crafts are manifold and diverse. He spent the early part of his career playing in various local bands including the legendary dark-folk act NEUTRAL and the defiant avant-core trio YARCHE-1000-SOLNTS, before forming his own acoustic neo-folk ensemble WALDSONNE in 2003. Three years later, he launched an experimental-fusion project RUSHUS that featured a former member of the Tuvinian groups BIOSYNTES and YAT-KHA Evgeniy Tkachev on acoustic percussions and congas, and a jazz-master Vladimir Nikulin on electric bass. Their intelligent and elegant electro-acoustic softness and trance-induced shamanism made them more popular among lovers of neo-psychedelic and cafe-shop lobbyists than jazz and rock purists.

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