April 16, 2011

Prog Download of The Week : No Comprende By Banjo Goiter - 04/16/11

The mixing/release of this EP is a work in progress. All details subject to change.

Credits Released 29 July 2010
Joe "K. Harold Shmeglecki" Newman - Drums
Brandon "Ricky Shlaze" Mason - Guitar
Brian "Harvey Schlain" Ouellette - Acoustic/Vox
Josh "Eule Ennings" Pilanen
Boskops mixed by Ben Scibelli.
G.B. Saurus Rex mixed by Ben Scibelli and Brian Ouellette.
Matador and Sunset Over Jordan's Mixed by Brian Ouellette.
Arachnophone (Sex Operator) and Cossack Sneak Attack mixed by Andy Goderre and Brian Ouellette.
Jalisco Sling mixed by Andy Goderre.
Additional sappy thanks to be added before proper release.

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