July 12, 2011

Dream Theater Feel 'Much More Balanced' Without Portnoy

Dream Theater singer James LaBrie says their band are much more balanced since former drummer Mike Portnoy left.

In an interview with Prog Sphere, LaBrie said the balance come from "not somebody in the background trying to grab the limelight when maybe they should just be grooving" - a blatent reference to Mike Portnoy.

"He's big and he wants to be in the limelight. But, unfortunately, the problem with that is that it takes away from the bigger picture — and that is the band as a unit. And a lot of people have been commenting on that since we started out on this tour.

"There's always moments in the night when there is the spotlight on these other members and it should be. But it creates more a balance. And we were talking about this, we were saying, "You know, this is really cool." It feels like a unit. So it's a lot better."

The last time the singer spoke to Portnoy was the day he finally quit.

Fans have noticed that the current Dream Theater live set doesn’t include any songs where the lyrics were written by the former drummer. "That's coincidental," James is keen to point out. "We were saying that, too. We were saying that everyone's gonna think we're throwing that stuff away."

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