July 21, 2011

In Concert Review: The Unprecedented Changes of Yes

The Unprecedented Changes of Yes
Susquehanna Bank Center
Camden, New Jersey
July 4, 2011
Review and Pictures By: Steve Trager   
 The genre’ of Progressive rock is not only an unparallel formation of stellar melodies, captivating guitar solos, and blistering vocals, it is the greatest accomplishment of Yes. Since their early formation in the seventies’; Yes has broadened the spectrum of Progressive rock in the finest degree of musical ecstasy with history that stands alone. Although the sudden changes of Yes has never stopped this band from moving forward, the current lineup that includes Vocalist Benoit David gives the band a whole new light. It is hard to see this band carry on without the legendary voice of Jon Anderson, but nothing seems to last forever no matter how you look at it from a musical standpoint in a Band’s career.
The bands’ music has always been a great epic compelling joyride through an endless journey that has captivated countless generations. It is hard to not notice the biggest part of this band is moving forward without front man Jon Anderson. That one of a kind voice that has been a whirlwind throughout this band’s music has gone silent. It wouldn’t matter how many different versions of Yes anyone has seen, it’s all about the voice, the voice behind the music.
After more then ten years, Yes has undergone an unprecedented change with an Individual who has some big shoes to fill in Anderson’s place. Benoit David seems to nail those selected tracks that Yes performed when they closed the opening night of their most recent Summer Tour in Camden New Jersey at Susquehanna Bank Center. With numerous great classics to perform, Yes kept it simple and pulled out nine of the best songs spanning the band’s roster.
Those long songs have become a core staple throughout Yes’s career especially from live standpoint. Though the line up is slightly different, still with Alan White on Drums, Chris Squire on Bass, the infamous guitar virtuoso Steve Howe, and Asia ‘s Geoff Downs on Keyboards it’s still Yes with a different voice that can nail all those great songs like “Roundabout”, “Starship Trooper”, “You and I“, “Owner of a Lonely Heart” and “Siberian Khatru.”
Their nine greatest achievements are truly an inspiration and showed Yes in their finest moments as musicians on stage in Camden during this momentous concert. Each song sounded freshly polished with Benoit in the spotlight. These songs showcased Yes to the finest degree as a live act. Anyone would agree to that Yes are reluctant to have run into Benoit to front this Band as no one can ever really replace the legendary voice of Jon Anderson; who has been that individual carrying Yes for decades.
Perhaps we the music fans will never see Jon Anderson on Stage with his mates performing all these great classics again, but one thing is for sure Benoit David surly fits like a glove as Yes moves into a second generation with a stellar change that still keeps that one of a kind sound that has captured Yes as one of rock’s true Pioneers of progressive music.

Yes Set List:
Tempus Fugit                                               
And You and I
Yours Is No Disgrace                                  
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Heart of the Sunrise                                   
I’ve Seen All Good People                           
Starship Trooper
Fly From Here

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