August 13, 2011

Review: Bruno Pitch-Crystal Garden

Bruno Pitch, Pitch (Chapman Stick) and Guix Huré (Drums), is an experimental duo from France that has come up with a truly unique listening experience and put it into every song included on their new disc Crystal Garden. Listeners will feel as if they have been transformed into a very different place while listening to this all instrumental album.

The title track, “Crystal Garden,” has a crystal shimmering sound in the beginning that is very calming. That sound fades away after a minute or so as guitars and drums start to play at a very slow pace. The drum beat on this song gets more eclectic as the song progresses making the end of the song a world away from the beginning.

“Dual Sphere,” is just as unique as, “Crystal Garden,” and also features an interesting drum beat. There is also a clapping sound that is heard at various times throughout the song but mostly in the beginning. The song does have some odd pauses that are about a millisecond in length and almost makes you feel as if the song is over. This can be annoying but not entirely. After these pauses the sound changes up a bit so this particular pause is almost like a way of bringing attention to the change in the music.

On “La Chateau,” there is a medieval yet modern sound featured that is kept going throughout the entire song. The dark feelings conveyed on this track make me feel as if I am in an old French chateau in the Dark Ages listening to a minstrel play.

The experimental sounds on Bruno Pitch’s new album, Crystal Garden, is something almost out a storybook at times with a modern touch that will help the music strike a chord with more modern day loving listeners. The interesting drum beats and medieval feel will provide people with a sound they are definitely not used to hearing.

3.5 out of 5 Stars

Key Tracks- Crystal Garden, Dual Sphere, La Chateau

Ashley Arseneau

August 12, 2011

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