August 29, 2011

Review: Myrath-Tales Of The Sands

Myrath is a Mediterranean metal/progressive rock band from the country Tunis-Tunisia that formed in 2001.They are slated to release their latest album, Tales Of The Sands, this October.  

It is only fitting that Myrath translates to legendary as the album starts off right with a track that has a mythic, legendary feel to it. “Under Siege,” is a good example of the bands metal/ progressive rock mix that sets them apart from other bands of either genre. The song even features a female voice in the background just singing “ahhh,” which adds to the mythic metal sound which is brought on by the amazingly tight guitar sound showcased.

The album’s title track, “Tales Of The Sand,” has more of a desert, middle eastern traditional feel to it and has less metal elements infused with the music. It is also sung in the bands native language rather than English, as heard on, “Under Siege,” which shows the bands Mediterranean roots in an impressive way that mixes well with their modern progressive rock music.

The band’s metal sound is brought back on, “Time To Grow”. The song also features a slightly darker sound that accompanies the slower but still marvelous guitar riffs and fast paced intense drum beats. This song is also sung in English which gives the album something for English speaking fans as well as fans in their native Tunisia.

Mediterranean metal band, Myrath will soon be releasing Tales Of The Sand and they have done a spectacular job at making an album with a good mix metal and progressive rock songs. They also do not alienate English speaking fans or those in their native land that do not understand English by singing different songs in different languages. It also doesn’t hurt they can play their instruments quite well.

4 out of 5 Stars

Key Tracks – Under Siege, Tales Of The Sand, Time To Grow

Ashley Arseneau

August 26, 2011

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