November 3, 2011

Review: Spellbound Dazzle-Unreal Fairy Tales

On their website, Spellbound Dazzle says that they have produced, “A fairytale firework of magical sounds,” on their new album Unreal Fairytales. I think they may be right with that statement.

Spellbound Dazzle is European band from Italy. Luckily for those of us who are not fluent in Italian, the album is sung in remarkably fluent English. The band formed in 2003 when brothers Stekovic Kreso (Vocals, Keyboard) and Stekovic Branko (Guitar) joined with Bridda Dante (Bass) and Artus Stefano (Drums).

On, “Goodbye My Love,” the keyboard part is so melodically beautiful, it sounds like a fairytale among the loud tight guitar. This difference between these two sounds is completely forgotten upon hearing how well they complement each other. Also, the vocals are sung with a smooth clarity that makes this goodbye song sound oh so sweet.

Anyone searching for a good pounding, fast paced track is in luck with “W.I.T.M. (When I Touch Myself).” The drum beat is fast and hard in a way that will get listeners’ blood pumping. The guitar is also played quite fast during parts of this thought provoking track. In addition to having a quick tempo, the guitar sound is very tight, which is always a plus.

Not every album produced has an intro; even more unique is an accompanying outro on that album. However this album has both. The “Intro,” is like most given the fact that is not long at all. It features solely an acoustic guitar being played in a Latin style. The, “Outro,” is quite the unique piece of music. It features more instruments than the intro, including what sounds to be a flute played low for a portion of the track. The guitar and drums blend quite well with this woodwind instrument in a spectacular, almost unreal fashion.

Spellbound Dazzle has dazzled me for sure with the album Unreal Fairytales. This disc is comprised of songs that contain not only loud drums and fast guitars but also melodically beautiful pianos and smooth clear vocals. The album lives up to its name, Unreal Fairytales, quite spectacularly with all the combined elements heard in this collection of songs.

Key Tracks – Intro, Outro, Goodbye My Love, W.I.T.M (When I Touch Myself)

Ashley Arseneau 

November 2, 2011

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