January 6, 2012

Prog Rock Featured Artist: COZMIC BOX

COZMIC BOX is an international band formed from two musicians that met on MySpace in 2007, John Hohnstein (keyboards) resides in Evergreen Colorado, USA and Jed McConkey (guitars, vocals) hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Cultivated by the diversity in their backgrounds, ages and geography, their unique music is a blend of many styles & influences that they fondly describe as "progressive tranceadelic". They have become fast and great friends and are looking forward to many years of songwriting and performing. Their first album, "Flame of Truth" also includes the special guest vocal performances of Hetty Lane, also from Northern Ireland. Last but not least, COZMIC BOX is honored and grateful to use the beautiful lyrics and poetry channeled by Claudia many moons ago, which is such an inspiration today- and the amazing visual talents and art from Mark Anthony King, who creates the awesome design and photography for the band. COZMIC BOX thanks all and thanks EVERYONE for their support and understanding during the last few months... :)

Peace and Music-The COZMIC BOX boys


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