February 25, 2012

Prog Rock Featured Artist: Blue Mammoth


Born in 2009, BLUE MAMMOTH releases its debut album, which sure pleases both progressive and hard rock fans, for the beautiful combination of old school guitars and symphonic apotheosis due to keyboards and orchestral arrangements.

The self-titled album gives a repertoire free of preconceived ideas or musical market shapes, exploring various forms of artistic fulfillment, and yet sounding incredibly cohesive.

70's Prog Rock enthusiasts may even have a glimpse of a conceptual album. Hard Rock followers will find several riffs and a more direct approach, but still able to take us on wonderful journeys through inspired and well-knit instrumental sections.

While trying to rescue the beauty and mysticism of seventies prog rock, the group juiced up its sound with a more powerfull and modern grip. The result is a record carefully crafted to please your senses.

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