May 11, 2012

Prog Rock Featured Artist: The Omega Experiment

The Omega Experiment was originally dreamt up by a drug withdrawn, sleep deprived Dan Wieten in the spring of 2007. Song titles were chosen, and ideas for music were formed but never came to fruition until now. The basic idea is autobiographical in a sense....from birth to the end of a very trying time in life. There are many dynamics involved, from being given the gift of musical ability and living life to the fullest......all the way to the deepest depths of addiction, death, despair and finally closure and new beginnings. In the winter 0f 2009 the idea was expanded upon from a solo venture to a collaborative effort between Dan and Ryan Aldridge. The duo have been writing and demoing material non-stop since....and plan to release The Omega Experiment in its full capacity upon completion.

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