July 13, 2012

Review: On Wings Of Wax-The Escape

On Wings of Wax is the brainchild of Adam Kluga of Melbourne, Victoria. The only member in the band is Kluga himself and The Escape is On Wings Of Wax’s sophomore release. He has a sound full of ambient artistry and progressive rock melodies that inspire creative thought and introspection.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this album, but as soon as it ramped up with “Concepts” I was hooked. Deeply layered guitar and ambient sound play on themes of sensory deprivation and isolation. This entire album is one long walk down the mental corridors of this artist and it is captivating. The textured nature of this piece had me enraptured and I wanted to hear more.

“Ramifications” has a light touch at the onset, with a slower guitar riff scenario. It is pensive as the artist unleashes his vision of solitude and the inner workings of the mind. Around it goes until about a third of the way through the song and then it ramps up with electric guitar aggressively making a statement of fighting against the darkness. The musical composition is top notch.

“The Descent” is a spiraling journey back down into the darkness of the mind. It is isolation to the tune of an electric guitar, spilling out riffs that capture the essence of loneliness. Peaks and valleys of guitar work and multi-instrumentation show just how talented Kluga is as every emotion is laid out, stark and bare. “Under” is the last piece on the album. It carries you back to a place in the darkness, where the theme of sensory deprivation reigns. Only this time, with every guitar riff, you hear the world passing you by but you just don’t care. Reality is the music. Music is life. Nothing else matters. With each strum of the guitar strings, you feel right at home in your isolated state and are just ready to listen some more.

On Wings Of Wax has done a superb job with The Escape. The sensory deprivation theme and the elements of darkness within us all really shines through with each guitar riff and ambient wave of music. Each track was a journey through the mind and almost an introspection as to what isolation really means. If you enjoy bands like The Butterfly Effect and Misery Signals you may want to check out Kluga with all of his bittersweet imagery and the music that makes all of that happen in your mind’s eye.

Stars 4.5/5

Key Tracks- Concepts, Ramifications, The Descent, Under

Dana Wright

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