August 30, 2012

Caped Crusader-Rick Wakeman In The 1970s

I have always found Rick Wakeman to be one of the more entertaining chaps in the music business. And I do not mean with his music alone, which is what made him the legend he is. It’s his off the cuff humor and the grumpy old rock star attitude that has always made me chuckle. I love reading his monthly article in Prog Magazine and have watched him entertain crowds at his solo concerts with his piano, stories and jokes on DVDs. Wakeman is quite a unique combination of an entertainer and I was very interested to know more about how he came into prominence in the 70s.
Caped Crusader-Rick Wakeman In The 1970s is one of the more interesting and fascinating tales of a talented musician and his rise to the top of the music world. This story takes you back to when Rick was a child prodigy, a musical genius in the making. It is not hard to understand now after reading this book why Rick Wakeman has accomplished everything to date in his career. He was born with gift and started using it at a very early age.
From church to The Strawbs, Yes, and a fantastic solo career, Wakeman covered a lot of ground in the 70s and a few times it nearly killed him. With the stress of his work, the demands on his time and his well-documented partying with his mates, his heart could not take it and he consequently developed health issues early in his life. Eventually he had to slow down a bit (but not much) and put the booze on the shelf before it destroyed him. Many lessons we learned over that amazing decade and now the great ivory tickler lives to this day to tell all the tales. He is one of the lucky ones that survived the lifestyle of the rock star.
In 190 pages you get the real scoop of how Rick Wakeman became the man and musician he was and eventually turned into. I have always been fascinated with his music and whit and this book put it all into perspective for me. I found a new appreciation for the genius of the man and his sense of humor. To look inside the head of a musical genius is one ride you will never forget. From his time with Yes and how his relationship evolved with all the members, how he created his solo masterpieces Journey To The Center Of The Earth and The Six Wives Of Henry VIII to his movie soundtrack work, this account gives a great deal of insight into his creative process.
Caped Crusader-Rick Wakeman In The 1970s was a very enjoyable read about a not so typical life story and life on the road under the Wakeman big top. I look forward to reading more volumes that are available about this fascinating and talented character that became a music legend so many decades ago.
5/5 Stars
Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck
August 28, 2012
Author: Dan Wooding
Paperback Book: 190 pages
Publisher: Gonzo Multimedia (April 12, 2012)

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