September 15, 2012

Prog Rock Feature: i.AB

i.AB is a solo recording project by A. Brown. "Counting" is a unique collection of progressive rock songs, with a lyrical quality that can't be defined by any particular category. The album has a cohesive sound, but it is definitely not repetitive. It explores many kinds of terrain: organic to electronic, visceral to abstract, from the sea to the stars. And yes, it rocks. credits released 15 July 2012 A. Brown - vocals, drums, piano, keys, key bass, key guitar. Guest Artists: Randy Grohs, keys, key guitar, key violin, organ. Andrew Coss, fretless bass, guitar. Skot Reed, guitar. Dave Eichman, bass. Rick Musallam, guitar. Bryan Beller, bass. Jim Matus, guitar, laotar.

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