April 23, 2013

Jordan Rudess: The Explore Project

Hey Everybody,

It’s been a few years since I recorded my last solo album, “Notes On a Dream”. The inspiration has been flowing ever since and I’m now ready to set forth in recording my orchestral piece, Explorations, as well as my solo piano album, Explores. You know that I am not one to sit back and drive on the traditional path so we are going to explore some cutting edge technology options.

For “Explorations,” we will be creating an entirely virtual orchestral experience. We will bring virtuoso instrumental players into the studio and not only make an audio recording but also capture them on film with the goal of creating a unique, visual experience. My solo piano album entitled “Explores” will be created as a completely interactive iOS app experience in addition to being made available in a CD and digital download format. You can sit back and simply enjoy the album or add your personal touch or play a duet with me and share your version with your friends.
Things have changed so much in the music business in recent years and now we have the possibility of coming directly to all of you, the fans, to get involved and to be a part of making this happen. No longer are we subject to what was, rather, what is possible!!

By enlisting YOU and working through PledgeMusic, the pipelines will be running with unfiltered Jordan Rudess creativity! As a member of my team, you will be able to follow along with me as these projects come to life – sharing the journey and the inspiration to explore new musical and interactive frontiers.

Your Pledge will Pre-Order the new album.

Your pledge, no matter which item, experience and price secures you an early access full album download before the street release date. Guaranteed.
It also unlocks access to the updates page, where I’ll be posting exclusive videos, tracks, photos and even blogs – all of which chronicle the making and release of the album. It’s our private diary, and an inside look at the studio.
This is the new music industry, and I like it.
I’ll see you… on the virtual pledge road.

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