August 7, 2013

DVD Review: Mostly Autumn-Live at the Boerderij

Mostly Autumn continues to produce music at an astonishing rate through CDs and stunning DVDs. And we have yet another beautifully filmed live performance titled Live at the Boerderij. The location of the filming was in The Netherlands and it takes up 2 DVDs of live progressive rock excellence. 
For those of you that may be unfamiliar with this incredibly talented progressive rock band the lineup is Olivia Sparnenn (Lead Vocals), Andy Smith (Bass Guitar), Anne-Marie Helder (Acoustic and Electric guitars, Flute, Keyboards, and Vocals), Bryan Josh (Founder Member - Lead Electric Guitars, Acoustic 6 + 12 String Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals), Gavin Griffiths (Drums), Liam Davison (Electric guitars, 6 + 12 string acoustic guitars and vocals) and Iain Jennings (Keyboards, Synthesizers, and Hammond Organ). And a stellar group of musicians they are.
This is lead singer Olivia Sparnenn’s debut on DVD and for those of us not fortunate enough to catch them live this is a real treat of sight and sound. And surely another collection of performances to add to your music library if you are a fan of the band or a prog rock enthusiast.
The thing about Mostly Autumn is they always put out the highest quality of product and make sure the performances you are watching is the band and their optimum best. To be sure, that is exactly what you will enjoy with this 2 DVD set.
Besides all the highly energetic performances on this set you get bonuses which include a Behind The Scenes Featurette and Photo Gallery and their encore performance.
Olivia Sparnenn is a lovely lady that floats around the stage with ease and has a commanding voice that holds you spellbound right from the start. Her vocalizations whether powerful or soft, are felt at all times. Her presence is a vital part of the Mostly Autumn show and she steps back and lets others take the spotlight when they need to as well, such Byran Josh and his many flourishes of lead guitar lines that help to shape and move their sound in every track. Stellar musicianship has always been this band’s trademark and you will witness this on this DVD set. You will enjoy some old favorites and tracks off their recent studio release Ghost Moon Orchestra.
There are no dazzling fireworks or extras included with this performance however what you will discover is how a band can stand on its own and be supported through their music and presentation alone minus all the flash and glitz. When you are a great band like Mostly Autumn the music does all the talking for you. You may just be a “Passenger” onboard for the ride with a DVD but it is such a great trip that you will not want it to end.

Key Tracks: The Devil & The Orchestra, Passengers, Heroes Never Die

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-Founder
August 7, 2013

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