August 29, 2013

Review: Simon McKechnie-Clocks And Dark Clouds

Based in London, Simon McKechnie is a multi-instrumentalist and composer. McKechnie has written for BCC television, and arrangements for Roberto Pla’s Latin Jazz Orchestra. McKechnie also founded the jazz fusion group Azul. His latest solo release is a progressive rock album called Clocks And Dark Clouds.
Taking influences from bands such as Rush, Yes, and King Crimson, Clocks And Dark Clouds is a great progressive rock album. McKechnie has gone in a completely different direction from his last album, London Reborn, which is a collection of old London folk songs.
The title track, “Clocks And Dark Clouds,” is a rock experience full of various instrumentation, and McKechnie’s bizarre lyrics. The guitars really make this song sound good, and the drums are top notch. It is a good song, and has a quality that once you start listening to it is hard to stop.
“God Particle” has a little more mellow sound than some of the previous songs. The guitars in this song are excellent, and give the track a nice harmonic feel. The drums make the piece feel like a rock song with a harder sound than MecKechnie’s singing or the other instruments. McKechnie is a fantastic singer with a wide vocal range, and he doesn’t hold back here. 
The more electronic “He Who Saw The Deep (Gilgamesh)” is a nice change that keeps the album fresh. The song also features ambient noises in the background. This is still a progressive rock song. McKechnie brings the passion to his singing in this song, and the guitars featured here are superb. 
Simon McKechnie is an amazing talent who spans multiple genres, and his latest release, Clocks And Dark Clouds is a great showcase of that talent. The album is an excellent progressive rock album that any fans of Yes or Rush will enjoy. Clocks And Dark Clouds is an album worth checking out. 

Key Tracks: Clocks And Dark Clouds, God Particle, He Who Saw The Deep (Gilgamesh)

Craig Kidd - Staff

August 29, 2013

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