October 4, 2013

Prog Rock Featured Artist: Jonas Lindberg


Jonas Lindberg – The Other Side Press Release
(ModeMusic 2013)\

Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side is a Swedish Progressive rock/AOR project started in Stockholm 2012 by bass player, songwriter and producer Jonas Lindberg.The band is now actual with a new CD called "The Other Side", released thru Jonas's own label ModeMusic in 2013. The music is all new material written and produced by Jonas himself and has been influenced by many bands in the progressive genre like "The Flower Kings", "Spock's Beard" and "Toto". Some people has described the band's sound as being "a crossing between Pink Floyd, Sting and Genesis".

It all started back in 2008 when a first EP "In Secret Pace" was recorded by Jonas as an exam-project at the School of Music in Piteå, Sweden. The first EP featured a largelineup of musicians, and when it was released in 2012 time came to record a new one. This time Jonas felt the need to do it with a 5 piece band and the bandname"Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side" didn't surface until 2013 when the new CD was released. The Other Side features a group of friends and very talented musicians, all of them having a proffessional career and playing alongside some of the biggest musical acts in Sweden.

The Other Side is available at the band's website and as download at all the online music stores as iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp!

Jonas Lindberg – bass, guitars, keyboards & vocals
Jonas Sundqvist – lead vocals
Jonathan Lundberg – drums
Michael Ottosson – keyboards
Calle Stålenbring Рguitars

Info: www.lindbergmusic.com
ModeMusic 2013

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