November 5, 2015

Prog Rock Feature Stream: The Alea Dilemma-The Machine

alea (ey-lee-uh) n. - dice, a game of chance.

dilemma (di·lem·ma) n. - an argument presenting two or more equally conclusive alternatives against an opponent.

I would have to say the first term adequately describes the music industry! With all of that aside it is bands like the The Alea Dilemma and their new album Within The Clamor of Voices that keep it alive and worth pursuing. For fans of music and particularly progressive rock this album will be a find.

Danny Brymer (Guitars-Vocals), Ryan Sloan (Bass Guitar) and Todd Crookston (Drums) are a marvelous trio. Yes, only three men are making all this sound happen. 

The focus track is "The Machine." This is prog rock at its finest. The track runs a tad over 10 minutes and features the virtuosity of the musicians involved. Rock, Classical and Fusion collide and explode!

The changes the track goes through is a roller coaster ride of sound and textures.  It is the perfect prog journey. Listen to the stream so you can get a taste of The Alea Dilemma now!

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

More About The Alea Dilemma:

 The Alea Dilemma is an eclectic progressive rock band based out of Kansas City, Missouri. The seeds of The Alea Dilemma were sown in Denver, Colorado in 2007 through the formation of Strativarium, a prog rock band which featured guitarist/vocalist Danny Brymer and bassist Ryan Sloan. 

After Strativarium folded in 2009 and the members moved to different locations, through a twist of fate, the two friends and former band mates ended up in the Kansas City area in 2013. Eager to reunite and make music again, they started a new progressive rock outfit calling themselves The Alea Dilemma. They began to write music and shortly added Todd Crookston on drums to complete the lineup. In January of 2015, they started recording their debut album, Within The Clamor of Voices. They also began to play the Kansas City rock circuit that spring. The Alea Dilemma plays progressive rock with complex jazz harmonic structures and a symphonic classical brilliance infused with a high energy rock sound. One can imagine the intricate instrumental interplay of Yes and Mahavishnu Orchestra, with the advanced harmonic progressions of Chick Corea and Steely Dan, held together by an aggressive rock sound akin to Led Zeppelin, Soundgarden, and King's X. 

The influence of classical composers such as Stravinsky, Bartok, and Bach cannot be mistaken either. Their music is characterized by their virtuosity as well as their intricate, yet emotionally engaging compositions. Through the unique amalgamation of styles and sounds through their chance encounter, they strive to produce their finest compositions and performances.

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