December 9, 2015

Featured Stream: Three Wise Monkeys-Panopticon

Three Wise Monkeys are an interesting trio. They are bit of a mystery regarding how they came to be however it did not take long to ascertain that they know exactly what they are doing with their instruments.

The members are: Brad Kypo (Guitar), Alex King (Bass) and Brendon Waterman (Drums). They hail from down under in Sydney Australia.

They have a new album Progettoarte that is coming out in a few days and the focus track here is "Panopticon." 


"Panopticon" is a marvelous track and the trio makes the best of their talents with a fast moving and ever changing pace. It is indeed very progressive. As their sound is so appropriately explained on their Facebook page "Featuring some drop D riffage, two handed bass tapping in a weird time signature and some mighty drum pounding." Well I could not have encapsulated their sound much better myself!

This is what prog and experimental music is all about, pushing the musical envelope and making sounds that capture the imagination. This is great music that needs to be heard! 

Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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