May 10, 2016

Prog Rock: Misquoted Lyrics and Outlandish Lyricist's

Progressive Rock or "Prog Rock" has gotten an interesting wrap over the years. From its origins in the U.K. to its migration across other parts of Europe, and its relevance to today's modern listener, the genre as a whole has seen its share of influential bands and equally inspired (albeit unorthodox) lyrics. (Check their infographic about lyric challenge: So, while thousands of fans across the globe have memorized and belted said lyrics in showers and in packed stadiums across the globe, below is a list of the top 3 Prog Rock acts with equally bizarre (and often misquoted) lyrics: 


With an All-Star lineup that featured the likes of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, Genesis is certainly among a handful of Prog Rock pioneers. Gabriel was in a world of his own, as his eccentric demeanor, shock-value fashion sense, and force of personality helped to establish the Genesis sound prior to eventually pursuing a solo career. Most fans associate Phil Collins with being the quintessential Genesis sound, and while he may have started as a drummer for the band, there's no denying the heights they reached once he stepped behind the microphone.

No list would be complete without mentioning Rush and the cult-like following they've amassed throughout the course of their long history. Even so, this didn't stop drummer Neal Peart from being ranked by Blender Magazine as the 2nd worst lyricist in Rock out of a possible 40 in 2007.

Dream Theater:

Dream Theater is another Progressive Rock staple. Featuring world-renowned guitarist John Petrucci, intricately crafted instrumental arrangements and collective technical proficiency have been hallmarks o the band's sound. Some of their most misquoted songs include: "Forsaken," "Under A Glass Moon," and "Prophets of War."

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